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In the Technology lessons during the 2nd term, our students learnt how to become better digital citizens and how to prevent the risks on the net.

First, they had some introductory lessons on the main concepts such as privacy, cookies, copyright and dangers you can face online. After, students in groups created original digital projects with the aim of raising awareness of these dangers and helping us facing them. They chose the topic and the type of project they  wanted to do and got in groups based on their interests.

The outcome came in a variety of ways! Once they presented their final products to the class, we voted for the best and here you can see our winners and their projects.

In 2nd ESO A...

Some students created a Powtoon video to warn teenagers on what to share on and not to share on the Internet.

Others designed a comic strip using Storyboard to promote the safe use of Internet.


In 2nd ESO B…

One of the winning groups designed a poster  with recommendations for gaming online.

safely. The other group created a webpage with tips to prevent cyberbullying. Here’s the link:


In 2nd ESO C…

A group of students created a stop motion video to raise awareness of hackers.

Some other  programmed  a game using Scratch to help learn about the risks of Internet. You can play it here:

All these projects will be presented to the next year’s Edition of the EducaInternet national contest. Congratulations!


Coneix el nostre dia a dia

Aquesta pàgina utilitza galetes “cookies” per millorar l’experiència de l’usuari durant la navegació. En cas de continuar navegant per aquest lloc web es presumirà que s'ha acceptat el seu ús.

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