The Enormous Carrot

Educació Primària


Anglès, Música i Plàstica


Metodologia activa i vivencial fomentant en tot moment la motivació i el treball cooperatiu a través d’espais d’expressió, creació i reflexió.

Kids listened to the story on the CD, they watched the DVD and answered some comprehension questions to help them remember the story, they acted out the story in class, they made a mini book and took it home, so that the children could tell the story to their family.
Finally, we handmade the tickets for the P5 girls and boys that came to see our performance. At the end of the play, they sang a thank you song to us and it was a surprise. We had such great time together, we hope you like it!
We are very grateful to the Art teachers for helping us with the stage props, the Music teacher for teaching them the dance movements and two students of Primary 5 ( Bruna G. and Arnau S. ) for videotaping the play.

Vídeo: The Enormous Carrot

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