Story Corner

Educació Primària - Educació Infantil


This project involves the following dimensions: oral communication, reading comprehension, literary, plurilingual and intercultural.


One of the main goals of our story corner is to share this English educational experience with families. Bring a piece of home into their classrooms. Another goal focuses on children’s love for stories. Stories are magical and make them wonder. Storytelling can develop their listening skills, imagination and creativity. Also, it encourages active participation, develops understanding and respect for other cultures and best of all, it enhances the love for reading and learning.

At the beginning of the school year, the English department sends a letter to the families (in Nursery, and Primary 1 and 2) inviting parents or extended family members with a good level of English to come to school and tell a story to their child’s class.  We believe this is a very enriching activity for the children as they are delighted to see their parents and relatives in a place where they are hardly seen, that is, in their classroom and amongst their classmates. Throughout the years that we have been doing this project, a range of different family members, such as grandparents, aunties or godfathers have come to school to tell a story.


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